10 tips how to learn your way around at Kantýna

Autor: Šárka Hamanová , Foto: Jan Červenka

How to enjoy excellent meat, carefully treated beer, company of your friends at the table and to get your meal still warm without unnecessary waiting? Here are 10 tips from the staff working at Kantýna.

1. The establishment manager Robin Kábele recommends doing the following, “First of all, take a consumption card and look around Kantýna a little bit, in order to see if there are any unoccupied tables and if there aren’t any queues.” If you find a table you like, please take a seat, remove your belongings and go choose and order your meal.

2. The manager – the waiter dressed in a white jacket – keeps track of where the guests are seated, who is already finishing their meal and who just came in. His task is to welcome incoming guests and be available to them, so you can turn to him anytime.

3. As soon as you find a place to sit or stand, go get your meal.

4. Are you in a hurry? Ask the chefs to take your order in the canteen, the central part of the restaurant – it’s the fastest way. “If you would like to have a steak or burger, order it in the butcher shop. However, you should keep in mind that it takes at least 15, or more likely 20 to 30 minutes to prepare meat on fire,” points out the chef Pavel Straka.

5. If you place an order in the butcher shop, you will be given a numbered bone. Place the bone in an upright position on the table for the staff to see (don’t put it on a bench on into your handbag) – as soon as your meal is ready, the waiter/waitress will be able find you if they can see your number. The sooner the waiter/waitress sees the table with a bone placed on it, the fresher and warmer the meal they bring you.

6. The waiter/waitress is ready to take your drink orders. The General Manager Robert Pulec gives the following piece of advice: “If you are standing at the large marble table, you can go get a beer yourself.”

7. Do you want to take your shopping or food from the butcher shop with you? Order it right away when you come to Kantýna. You can pick it up before you leave.

8. It is mandatory that every guest has their own consumption card. They should have it with them all the time, even if they go out to make a phone call or to smoke.

9. Please do not take too much on your tray. It’s better to go get a meal several times rather than to eat it cold. “I recommend doing it like in a restaurant – start with a soup or starters, then go get a main dish with a side dish, finally a dessert,” says Pavel Straka. And he adds the following tip: “If there is more of you at the table, it’s recommended to take more on one big plate and share the meal.”

10. Hand in your consumption card at the checkout counter and pay.

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