From Pohořelec to the peace of Nový Svět

8. srpna 2018
Foto: Kubo Krížo
Walk through the gardens of the Černínský Palace all the way to Nový Svět, where you can slow down and lazily wander. Peak into the Military Church and visit the current exhibitions of the National Gallery in Salmovský Palace. It is here where you can also taste traditional dishes of the Czech aristocracy in the restaurant Kuchyň. Grab a beer with your meal in the garden and take in the view of literally the whole of Prague.

The Gardens of Černínský Palace
The gardens surrounding the Černínský Palace are open to the public since the summer of 2018. Here you’ll find fountains, wells, water cascades and even a summer villa.

Nový Svět
Just around the corner from Hradčanské Square lies a different world - Nový Svět. The houses were occupied by the lower classes and the servants of the Castle since the 14th century, today you’ll find legacies of the artists that lived or worked here. You’ll come to a small square with a grafted cottage, the house U Raka. It was owned by writers Arnošt Lustig and Ota Pavel. Director Karel Kachyňa lived in the Na Náspu street, the apartment of artist Jiří Anderle was located in Nový Svět street, Černínská street was home to director and artist Jan Švankmajer and painter Jan Zrzavý worked here as well. The largest historical value is attributed to the house U Svatého Noha. It is here where famed Danish astrologist Tycho Brahe stayed in the time of Emperor Rudolf II.

The National Gallery
You can travel back to the time of Rudolf II in the Schwarzenberg Palace of the National Gallery in Prague. Until the end of the year it hosts the exhibition titled Art from the Rudolfine Era to the Baroque in Bohemia. If you would care for a wider perspective, visit the Sternberg Palace and the exposition European Art from Antiquity to Baroque. And explore the website and Facebook page of the National Gallery - it often organizes interesting events and workshops at the Prague Castle.

The Park of Max van der Stoel
The children will be delighted by the park in the vicinity of the Prague Castle, whose dominant feature is the 164 foot lode with water-gates, mills and fountains. If the weather is on your side, you can enjoy a swim at the Petynka public swimming pool.

For food and beer visit Kuchyň - the restaurant in the Salmovský Palace of the National Gallery in Prague at Hradčanské náměstí 1. Head chef Marek Janouch prepares traditional Czech dishes inspired by aristocratic feasts here. You can peak straight into the pots and pans, choose what you desire, take a seat and let yourself be served. The garden offers a fantastic view of the whole of Prague.

The routes are created in collaboration with Prague City Tourism.

Try out Kuchyň.

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